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"The facility"

-Facility information-

No matter your age or experience, everyone can enjoy at Mangrove Park.

The facility has a free zone and a paid zone. The paid zone is from a part of the mangrove hall to the Sumiyo Garden. Other areas are free zones. The large lawn area and restrooms can be used freely. For canoeing trials, please purchase tickets at the reception.


-The facility-


1.A parking lot

A parking lot in front of the Mangrove Hall has space for 95 vehicles and 4 buses.

There are also 3 parking spaces available to people with disabilities.


3.Mangrove hall

Various facilities such as diorama aquarium, mangrove theater, restaurant, and shop are available.


5.Sumiyou garden

This is a natural field museum where you can see precious plants only in Amami Island, especially in Sumiyou town.


7.The canoe platform

The canoe platform is in front of the waiting area.


2.Bus stop

"Shima bus" Bus Stop is in the parking lot. Please get on “To Koniya” at Nase City and get off at “In front of Mangrove Park”.


4.The large lawn area

The large lawn area is free of charge. We provide a recreation space for the purpose of deepening friendship. Segway trials are also available.


6.River tunnel

A river flows over the tunnel and you can see Ryukyu Ayu swimming.


8.Observation deck

From the observation deck, you can see the primeval forest of mangrove. This place is also one of the mountain castle ruins around the island.

360° VIEW

-The facility-

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