-Mangrove park-

Sample the local cuisine while enjoying the mangrove virgin forest

You can enjoy the taste of Amami at the restaurant at Mangrove Park. Customers who have purchased an admission ticket can receive a 5% discount on the menu. The tuna bowl uses plenty of yellowfin tuna from Amami Oshima that was caught on the day and is finished with a special sauce.
You can also enjoy a delicious “Keihan bowl” made so that you can eat local food at an affordable price!



Delicious! Taste of Amami!

Amami Tuna Rice Bowl

This dish is very popular with tourists! Our "Amami Tuna Rice Bowl" uses fresh yellowfin tuna that has been caught on the day, and is finished with a homemade special sauce. Please enjoy the taste of Amami!
In addition, it is also recommended for those with a big appetite because it has plenty of volume!

Very juicy!

Hamburger set meal

The “hamburger set meal”, which is popular with children as well as adults, features a juicy burger with plenty of gravy. Please enjoy it with our special sauce.

Fluffy! Plenty of "Umami"!

Local fried fish set meal

Fresh fish is expertly fried so it’s crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The flavor of fish with a little seasoning has been well received by customers. Please enjoy the taste of Amami's sea.

Amami's local cuisine at an affordable price!

"Keihan bowl" Amami chicken rice bowl

Speaking of Amami's typical local cuisine. If you are looking to try our most famous and traditional dish, it is of course “Keihan”! ! This is a very popular meal that is very popular with the locals as well as tourists! A variety of ingredients are layered on top of rice and then placed in a soup full of umami. Please feel free to try our local dish, the “Keihan bowl”. It’s delicious and great value!



Choose from six types of Popsicle!

Ice candy

Try one of our refreshing popsicles. You can choose from a total of six flavors that are popular among children (and adults!!), such as Amami's famous “brown sugar milk” and “island banana”, as well as “milk”, “pineapple”, “summo”, and “tankan”. Perfect for after meals! Please enjoy.