"Segway trial"

-Mangrove park-

Near future vehicles land on Amami Island!

Through the Segway trial, you can enjoy a new and unique experience. Please enjoy the

Segway trial and feel the wind of Amami Island.

What’s a Segway?

-Segway trial-


1. Everyone can ride easily

Since it is an unfamiliar vehicle, at first glance it may seem difficult to ride, but Segway will be easy for everyone to ride in about 5 minutes.

The instructor will tell you how to ride. As you get used to it, you will be able to operate it intuitively.

2. Eco-friendly

Segway is battery powered.

About 40 km can be driven with a single charge. If it is an off-road model, it can run about 20 km. The electricity bill for one charge is only 10 yen.

Because it does not emit exhaust gas, it is a very eco-friendly vehicle.


Segway trial flow

-segway trial-

An unprecedented new nature experience awaits you.


1. Reception

After filling in the reception and consent form, please come to the riding area and wear a protector.

* Please complete reception by the time of the reservation.

セグウエイ体験 (14).JPG

2. Lecture on how to ride

The instructor will give a lecture on how to ride the Segway.

As you get used to riding, take a course on the Segway.


3. Start running!

Riding through the park with a guide!

Also, if you choose the 90minute Segway Tour, you can enjoy the Mangrove Theater for free.


-Segway trial-


Morning 9:00


Morning  10:30


Morning 12:00


Afternoon 1:30


Afternoon 3:00


Afternoon 4:30

Segway tour price list

-Segway trial-

Trial fee, Segway equipment rental fee, instructor fee, and tax are included.

Segway trial customers will get 5% discount on canoeing and dining!

90 minutes course

5,000 yen per person (tax included)

Full course including theater viewing.

30 minutes course

3,000 yen per person (tax included)

Only Segway trial.


-Mangrove park-


Reception time 9:30~18:00 FAX 099-756-3377


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